Nigeria's government, police, civil services, and businesses are plagued by extortion, bribery, and other forms of corruption. While many point to a failure of leadership, corruption is largely a byproduct of an economy fueled almost exclusively by petroleum exports. With no vested interest in developing Nigeria's infrastructure and manufacturing sectors, the wealthy simply profit from oil while the nation falls ever deeper into economic chaos. Recently elected President Obasanjo has vowed to crack down on corruption and bribery.

In the center of this poster we see Obasanjo attempting to lasso corruption in the form of a bull which is, in turn, trampling on Nigeria’s economy. Surrounding this image are small details showing the extent to which corruption pervades Nigerian life. Enlargements of some of these details are included below.


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Poster about corruption

Police and Danfo driver in Action

Nigeria’s roads are dominated by checkpoints where the police often demand bribe money from passengers to continue traveling.

Poster detail


Much like real obituaries published in local newspapers, this poster includes an obituary that announces the death of corruption itself. Being buried in the "evil forest" refers to village sanctions where those who lived wrongful lives are not buried in their family compounds but rather in ‘the bush’, the home of dangerous and wandering spirits.

Coach in Action

Even a coach will accept a bribe. Here a player offers his coach 2000 dollars in assurance that he will not have to sit on the bench during the next game. After witnessing this event, the men in the background understand that if "you no settle with coach, you no sabi play football"

Poster detail

Exam Malpractice

A young student pays off a needy man (cannot pay his rent) to do his schoolwork for him.

Poster detail

Immigration in Action

An immigration officer demands a bribe from an American traveler.

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