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Index to photographs from Ibibio, Ogoni and Ijaw regions
All photographs by G. I. Jones

Copyright to these photographs belong to the G. I. Jones estate and is managed by the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at University of Cambridge. Reproduction for publication is prohibited without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.

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This archive was produced by John C. McCall with the cooperation of Ursula Jones.

t was created as part of a project funded by grants from The English Speaking Union and Southern Illinois University.

Production facilities were generously provided by the African Studies Centre, University of Cambridge.


Two masquerades
from Uzuakoli

Mask with hinged jaw

Tripod Drum

Child's doll

Ikem Masquerade

Ikem Masquerade

Ikem Masquerade

Ikem Masquerade


These three masks were from the collection of the Nigerian National Museum at Lagos.

Antelope Mask

Antelope Mask

Antelope Mask


Mask from Owu Masquerade
(Collected by V. C. Murray c. 1935-37. Now in the Nigerian National Museum. Black and red with yellow ochre spots. Originally had two horns and carried a bird on its chin. Said to belong to an Owu play and to come from Bonny. Bought by Murray in Ndokki area.)

Mask from Brass District
Said to be copied from and Igbo mask

Central Ijaw Headpiece

Kalabari Mask
(In British Museum)

Kalabari stool
(In British Museum)

Cultural Igbo, near Forcados
called Ekeni or Ezotu (Pitt Rivers Museum 1938.15.4)

Nembi, Brass District -- collected by E. R. Chadwick (Pitt Rivers Museum 1938.15.4)

Owu (Water Spirit) Mask
Nembi, Brass District -- collected by E. R. Chadwick


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