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Index to photographs of Ekpe masquerades
All photographs by G. I. Jones

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Ekpe Masquerades

These photographs were taken in the Bende division, Umuahia and Aba. Jones included these notes: "There are two principle masquerades, both called Ekpe, which I have distinguised. Ekpe (Igbo) surviving basically in the Southern Ngwa and Ndokki area. The other Ekpe (Egbo) from the Cross River diffused from Calabar and Aro Chukwu with grades or separate masquerades known as Okonko and Akang. These have costumes of close fitting net and skin covered heads. More recent Masquerades called Ikem diffused from Calabar to the Ibibio and Umuahia area."  

Modern Ekpe (Igbo) head piece. Modern Ibibio in style and may have been carved by them

Ekpe (Igbo) head representing an elephant (Ndokki)

Ekpe (Igbo) mask Ubakala

Five Ekpe (Igbo) masks Ubakala

Skin covered head Calabar/Creek Town

Skin covered head with two opposing faces Uzuakoli

Two skin covered heads Uzuakoli

Ekpe (Egbo) or Ikem Uzuakoli

Skin covered head Photo'd in Item. Said to have been bought in the Middle Cross River Area.

Ekpe (Egbo) head Photo'd in Item. Said to have been bought in the Middle Cross River Area.

Ekpe (Egbo) Runner Umuahia

Ekpe (Egbo) Runner Uzuakoli

Ekpe (Egbo) Runner Uzuakoli. The mask is a pathological Ibibio, the costume is Cross River.

Ekpe (Egbo) Runner Umuahia.


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